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Hui Fang Huang “Angie” Su

Assoc. Professor of Mathematics Education, Nova Southeastern University

Chris Ruda

Region XI Director, FCTM

Joseph Furner

Professor of Mathematics Education, Florida Atlantic University

Carol A. Marinas

Professor of Mathematics, Barry University

Paige Allison

Instructor, P.K. Yonge DRS, University of Florida

FAMTE Journal: A journal for Mathematics Teacher Educators. Our main goal is to provide research, resources, best practices, and teaching ideas that address issues related to improving the teaching and learning in mathematics education.

Submissions appropriate for FAMTE Journal: A Journal for Mathematics Teacher Educators, include research and expository articles, essays and thought pieces, and professional observations and discussions which focus specifically on issues of content, pedagogy, philosophical and practical theory, research, best practices, teaching ideas, all which are in keeping with the theme of the journal; hence, related to mathematics teaching and learning.

Manuscript submissions will be reviewed based on a blind referee format by professional educators and mathematicians which will be chosen by the editors according to their areas of specialization for appropriateness of the topic, validity of the research results or conclusions, general interest in a topic, and adherence to generally accepted standards of good writing. Manuscripts sent to FAMTE Journal: A Journal for Mathematics Teacher Educators should be in keeping with the theme of the journal; hence, related to best practices of mathematics teaching and learning.

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