Presenter Info

Present at FCTM’s 70th Annual Conference!

FCTM advocates creating safe spaces for all students, including English language learners and those with disabilities, to engage in mathematics by fostering positive student mathematical identities and creating a sense of student agency.

Presentations may include but are not limited to empowering each and every student; developing mathematical literacy; cultivating inclusive mathematical settings (both formal and informal) through student-centered learning and culturally relevant pedagogy; and creating equitable opportunities for all students to learn, including exploring challenges around tracked systems, accelerated programs, and marginalized communities.

The presentation proposal period for the 2023 FCTM Annual Conference is now open! The deadline for presentation proposals is March 31, 2023.


Acceptance of proposals will be communicated by the beginning of May.


If you have questions about your proposal, please reach out to the conference committee at

Accepted Presenters FAQ

If you are accepted to the conference as a speaker, we will pay for one presenter’s registration fee.  If you have already registered for the conference, we can issue a refund.  Just as a reminder this does not include your FCTM membership.  As a presenter, you are still responsible for registering as a FCTM Member.  Please contact the program committee at if you have any questions.

As specifics for the different types of rooms are updated, we will be able to provide more clarity. There are two types of rooms at FCTM. One set of rooms is designed as Theater style with rows of chairs. The other set of rooms has tables and chairs which is considered to be Classroom style.

As you prepare to present, you need to have the following items ready to go:

  • Presentation available on your computer
  • Ability to connect to a projector (pigtail/display link); most projectors still have the RGB cords and not an HDMI cord)
  • Clicker to advance slides
  • Handouts if necessary

Rooms are designed to hold approximately 70 people  if you are not a featured speaker.

Co-Speakers need to register for the conference as well as become a FCTM member.