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University of North Alabama – Research Project

.7th and 8th grade math teachers are invited to participate in a collaborative research partnership to teach mathematical reasoning through computer programming. The goals of the CPR2 grant are to investigate whether computer programming is an effective tool for teaching and learning generalization in 7th and  8th grade math classrooms. The CPR2 Instructional Model (IM) will help students come to understand,  interpret, and even generate general or algebraic expressions. The team has developed an explicit method for teaching generalization that is intended for learners with no background in programming or formal mathematical argumentation.

Half of the teachers who participate in the research project will be randomly selected to attend our  2021 Virtual Summer Institute, where they will engage in 8 days of paid professional development (June  1 – 4, 8, 15, 22, and 29 from 1 pm – 4 pm CT) to prepare them to use our instructional method in their own classrooms. These teachers will participate in two additional paid sessions during the school year to support their classroom implementations each semester (Fall 2021 and Spring 2022). The anticipated time to cover a lesson is 3 – 5 days. Participation in all PD sessions is expected. These teachers and their students will complete data collection activities throughout the project. The teachers in this group will have the opportunity to receive up to $1200 in compensation over the duration of the project.

The teachers not randomly selected to participate in the experiment, will be assigned to the control group and only be asked to complete assessment items. These teachers will receive compensation for each assessment and will also be given first priority at subsequent paid PD sessions during a summit in the summer of 2022. These teachers will have the opportunity to receive $530 in compensation over the duration of the project.

Teachers who are interested in participating in CPR2 need to email cpr2@una.edu to sign up. We will randomly divide registrants into two groups as mentioned above, then notify participants of which group they were randomly assigned to participate in.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact cpr2@una.edu.

University of Illinois Chicago – Screening Survey


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Screening Survey Link


Teaching is Problem Solving

Teaching Is Problem Solving is a new site dedicated to sharing ideas about teaching with a focus on mathematics. 

For now, you’ll find videos about children’s early understanding of number in the Concepts Videos section. You’ll also find stories about teachers learning and discussing student thinking as well as engaging in formative assessment and lesson study in the What’s Next? Stories section. Examples of student thinking abound in both sections.

If you want to know when new material arrives, be sure to sign up on our website to receive notifications of new content and resources.

Come learn with us at http://www.teachingisproblemsolving.org!

Collegiate Webpages

Miami University’s Project Dragonfly is accepting applications for 2020 Earth Expeditions graduate courses that offer extraordinary experiences in 16 countries throughout the world. http://EarthExpeditions.MiamiOH.edu


Earth Expeditions can build toward the Global Field Program (GFP), a master’s degree that combines summer field courses worldwide with web learning communities so that students can complete the GFP master’s part-time from anywhere in the United States or abroad. http://GFP.MiamiOH.edu


Project Dragonfly also offers the Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) master’s degree that combines web instruction from Miami University with experiential learning and field study through several AIP Master Institutions in the U.S. Applications for Miami’s 2020 cohorts are being accepted now with place-based experiences provided at zoos and botanical gardens in Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, New York, San Diego, Seattle, and St. Louis. New for 2020: residents of the Jacksonville, Florida, area can study at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, AIP’s newest Master Institution, and earn Miami’s AIP master’s degree. http://AIP.MiamiOH.edu


Graduate tuition for all programs is greatly reduced because of support from Miami University.


In support of our core mission of developing stronger teachers to increase student learning and transform education, Mount Holyoke College is offering scholarships for educators that enroll in our Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership program or our Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching program starting in the summer of 2017. Details and links to each program can be found below.  

Our graduate programs are designed for working educators so they can balance life, career, and family responsibilities while pursuing a graduate degree. Participants can attend class sessions on campus or via videoconference from the comfort of their own homes.

In addition to our scholarships, qualifying educators may also be eligible for the federal TEACH Grant for up to $8,000.

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The Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching program is a coed, hybrid cohort 2.5-year program designed for K-8 teachers and math coaches.

  • We offer Emerging Teacher Leader Scholarships up to $10,000 for qualifying teachers and coaches.
  • Classes are designed and facilitated by a talented team of award-winning teachers and researchers, all with years of classroom teaching and coaching experience.
  • Our program can be used to apply for MA professional licensure (elementary 1-6, math 5-8).

Click here to learn more about this program, request more information, and access the online application.

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The Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership is a co-ed, cohort-based, 2-year program designed for PK-12 educators with a history of effective classroom practice.

Click here to learn more about this program, request more information, and access the online application.

Contact Us:


Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching

Mike Flynn, Program Director



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