Graduate Student of the Year

Florida Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (FAMTE) Graduate Student of the Year Award


The FAMTE Graduate Student of the Year Award is an esteemed recognition presented annually to an outstanding graduate student who has demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership, and contributions to mathematics teacher education. This prestigious award acknowledges the vital role of graduate students in shaping the future of mathematics education and encourages excellence in their endeavors.

Criteria for Eligibility and Nomination:

  1. Enrollment in a Graduate Program: Nominees must be currently enrolled in a graduate program related to mathematics education in Florida.
  2. Academic Excellence: Nominees should exhibit a solid academic record, including outstanding coursework, research projects, and publications, if applicable.
  3. Research and Innovation: Nominees must have contributed significantly to advancing mathematics education through innovative research, publications, or projects.
  4. Leadership and Advocacy: Nominees should demonstrate leadership qualities and advocacy efforts that promote improving mathematics education at various levels.
  5. Community Engagement: Nominees must actively engage with the mathematics education community, participating in relevant conferences, workshops, or outreach programs.
  6. Teaching and Mentorship: Nominees may have engaged in teaching or mentorship roles, excelling in guiding and inspiring fellow students or educators.

Nomination Process:

  1. Nominator Eligibility: Nominations can be submitted by FAMTE members, faculty advisors, or academic institutions with eligible graduate students.
  2. Nomination Form: Nominators should complete the official FAMTE Graduate Student of the Year Award nomination form. The form should include details about the nominee’s accomplishments, contributions, and contact information.
  3. Letters of Recommendation: Nominators must provide at least two letters supporting the nominee’s achievements and qualifications.
  4. Supporting Documentation: Any relevant supporting documentation, such as academic transcripts, research publications, or project descriptions, should be included with the nomination.
  5. Submission Deadline: Nominations should be submitted by September 1 each year.

Selection Process:

  1. Review Committee: A review committee composed of FAMTE members will evaluate all nominations.
  2. Selection Criteria: The committee will assess each nominee based on the established criteria, considering academic excellence, research contributions, leadership, and community engagement.
  3. Award Announcement: The FAMTE Graduate Student of the Year will be announced and honored at the FAMTE Annual Conference or a suitable event.

Award Benefits:

The recipient of the FAMTE Graduate Student of the Year Award will receive:

– A certificate of recognition.

– A monetary award or scholarship (if available).

– Opportunities for networking and professional development within the FAMTE community.

– Acknowledgment of their achievement on the FAMTE website and in relevant publications.

The FAMTE Graduate Student of the Year Award aims to celebrate the dedication and accomplishments of graduate students in mathematics teacher education and inspire their continued pursuit of excellence in the field. It recognizes their potential to shape the future of mathematics education positively.

All nominations should be submitted to Dr. Angie Su at by September 1 each year.