Mathematics Teacher Educator of the Year

FAMTE Mathematics Teacher Educator of the Year Award


The Florida Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (FAMTE) proudly presents the Mathematics Teacher Educator of the Year Award. This prestigious recognition, established by the FAMTE Board of Directors, is an annual accolade that celebrates excellence in teaching, research, and service within mathematics education. The honoree will receive recognition at the FAMTE Annual Meeting, which coincides with the Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics (FCTM) annual conference.



All mathematics educators employed in a public or private university in Florida for the past two consecutive years and who hold active FAMTE membership are eligible to apply. Applicants must have yet to receive this award within the past three years preceding their application.


Selection Criteria:

Nominations are invited to showcase a nominee’s significant contributions to teaching, research, and service at the university, state, and national levels. Examples of notable achievements within each category include:



– Implementation of effective and innovative teaching practices

– Demonstration of innovative teaching methods, such as publications, materials, or videos

– Receipt of teaching awards from department, college, university, state, or national entities

– Dedication to the development of doctoral students

– Authorship of influential textbooks



– Active involvement in advancing mathematics teacher education through leadership roles in state, national, and international organizations

– Exceptional commitment to supporting mathematics teachers in the field, including distinctive mentoring experiences

– Participation in editorial boards and the review of journal manuscripts



– Dissemination of research findings that offer unique insights into the preparation or professional development of mathematics teachers

– Publication of works beneficial to the preparation or ongoing professional development of mathematics educators

– Acquisition of state and nationally-funded training and research grants

– Contribution of theoretical perspectives that have advanced the field of mathematics education

– Receipt of research awards from department, college, university, state, or national entities


Required Documentation (Maximum of 3 items):

  1. A current curriculum vitae (vita) of the nominee.
  2. A nomination letter from a FAMTE member detailing evidence related to the specified criteria supporting the nomination.
  3. An additional letter of support from an individual active in the educational community (or co-authored letters if applicable) who possesses knowledge of the nominee’s contributions to mathematics education.


Nomination Process/Deadline:

Self-nominations will not be considered. Nomination materials should be submitted to FAMTE President Dr. Angie Su at Complete nomination packets must be received by September 1 of the award year.


The FAMTE Mathematics Teacher Educator of the Year Award honors those who have made exceptional contributions to mathematics teacher education, inspiring excellence, innovation, and advancement in the field. Join us in celebrating the outstanding educators who shape the future of mathematics education in Florida.